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The M4 Sherman was the workhorse of the American Army in World War II. Early in the war it was more than a match for the German Panzer III and IV tanks but it became outclassed by more advanced German armor such as the Tiger and Panther. Despite this, the Sherman still gave a good accounting of itself helped by excellent mobility and a gyrostabilized gun enabling the crew to accurately acquire and fire upon targets while on the move. This version is the M4A3E8, nicknamed "Easy Eight" because of the smoother ride provided by the HVSS suspension. Late war M4s were also up-gunned with a higher velocity 76mm gun.
"Easy Eights In '44" M4A3E8 Sherman 66th AR
"Easy Eights in '44" - 20" x 30"
"Easy Eights in '44" - 11" x 14"
16" x 24" Giclee Print................$80.00
11" x 14" Giclee Print...............$45.00
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16" x 24" Premium Canvas Print.........$110.00
"Easy Eights in '44" Detail
"Easy Eights in '44" Detail 2
20" x 30" Giclee Print................$100.00
20" x 30" Premium Canvas Print.........$125.00
easy eights in 44
m4a3e8 66th ar
sherman 66th ar
sherman tank ww2