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Apollo 17 was the final mission of the Apollo Program to visit the moon. Eugene Cernan and Harrison "Jack" Schmitt spent a total of three days on the lunar surface while Ron Evans orbited the moon in the command module. It still holds the record for the longest time spent on the moon. Apollo 17 was also the third mission to utilize the lunar rover. On December 14, 1972 lunar module Challenger blasted off from the moon. The event was famously captured by the camera from the lunar rover. As of this writing, Eugene Cernan is still the last man to have walked on the moon.
Apollo 17 Challenger
"We're On Our Way Houston" - 16" x 24"
"We're On Our Way Houston" - 11" x 14"
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11" x 14" Giclee Print...............$45.00
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LM Ascent Stage Detail
LM Descent Stage Detail
20" x 30" Ltd Edition Canvas Print (Qty. 25).............$125.00
apollo 17 challenger
eugene cernan
apollo 17
apollo lunar module