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The Humpback Whale is a large member of the rorqual species. Adults can be as large as 52 feet in length and weigh 79,000 lbs. They range all the world’s oceans and annual migrations of 16,000 miles are typical. Humpbacks are acrobatic known for breaching and tail slapping the water. They are also famous for their vocalizations. Males and females both make sounds but only the males produce a complex song which lasts about 10 -20 minutes and can be repeated for hours at a time. Humpback Whales are very intelligent; what the songs of these magnificent creatures might be saying is a complete mystery. Nonetheless, the song is beautiful to hear and it’s lyrical quality is truly a symphony of the blue underwater world.
"Blue World Symphony" - 20" x 30"
"Blue World Symphony" - 11" x 14"
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"Blue World Symphony" - Detail
"Blue World Symphony" - Detail 2
Humpback Whales
blue world symphony by mark karvon
humpback whale
humpback head
humback whale diving