1) The first version is a limited edition offering of 45 prints. They come fully matted with three of the pilots' signatures: Ike Kepford (donated by Mrs. Kepford), Kurly Kurlander and Country Landreth. We are especially pleased to offer Ike's signature as it is very rare and sought after by collectors. Since Ike is no longer with us, Mrs. Kepford has kindly offered to provide a letter attesting to the authenticity of Ike's signature. These 45 prints are being offered for $500.00 (US) each. All prints are now available.                          
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"Pirates of the Pacific" is being offered in three versions. All three print versions measure 20" x 30" and are signed by the artist and numbered. The majority of the proceeds from the sales of prints with pilot signatues will be donated towards an Ike Kepford/VF-17 memorial.
Limited Edition of 45 Prints with 3 Signatures...............$500.00 each
2) The second version is a limited edition of 100 prints which will be matted with Kurly and Country's signatures. They are being offered for $350.00 (US).
Limited Edition of 100 Prints with 2 Signatures.............$350.00 each
3) The third is a limited edition of 1000. These are being offered as an unmatted version and are $175.00 (US).
Limited Edition of 1000 Prints.........................................$175.00 each
"Pirates of the Pacific"
Pirates of the Pacific Karvon
I wish to thank Mrs. Kepford for donating her husband's signatures and for offering to write a letter of authenticity. I also want to thank "Kurly" Kurlander and "Country" Landreth for graciously offering to provide their signatures as well. It was my extreme honor to paint this depiction of these fine men.
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